Whether it's music recording, producing film scores for the likes of Woody Allen, producing TV and Radio Commercials, dialog recording for Animation Promos, or preparing music for Dance, Sports and Theatre, Antland Productions is the ONLY audio production facility you'll ever need.

Roy B. Yokelson

Voice-Over Coach,

Sound Designer,

Recording Engineer,
Producer, Director

(917) 642-9999

(973) 338-7338


Skype: antland_productions



For over 30 years, Sound Designer, Recording Engineer and Producer Roy Yokelson's Antland Productions has built an impressive list of credits for its work in a wide variety of medium including radio, TV, cable, film, web, music production, Children's Theater, and telephony. Proficient in ProTools 8.0, Cool Edit Pro/Adobe Audition 3.0, Sound Forge 8, Roy specializes in period sound recreation, for music and voices/effects. He is also an experienced Voice-Over Director and Script Editor.

For additional information, please go to www.imdb.com and search 'Yokelson.'