Becoming a Voice-Over takes talent, dedication, and a lot of hard work. There is no quick road to a successful career as a VO. It’s not easy and it’s not for everybody. We will both know if and when you’re ready to create your demo, by following the tested method for success that follows.


Initial 90-minute session explores:

  • Your fit within the various genres of VO

       – Commercial

       – Long form narration

       – Characters

       – Audio books and more

  • Earning potential and marketability

       – Do you have something marketable?

       – Can you take direction?

       – Are there regional dialect or accent issues?

       – Does it sound like you’re reading?


All scheduled weekly sessions are a full hour

  • Practice scripts will be provided.
  • Homework scripts assigned to be recorded at home

       – Recordings emailed back to Antland Productions will be critiqued

       – Homework results may also be discussed at our next session

  • Coaching sessions can be used for:

       – Voice-over coaching

       – Studio recording software training

       – Post-production audio training

       – Audition direction and recording

Demo Prep

Once we both agree that you are nearing the skill and confidence level needed to do VO on your own, we will start collecting, writing and editing scripts personalized for YOUR demo(s). Your demo will be unique and not “cookie cutter.”

Demo Recording Session

During this (approximately) 90-minute session, you will be directed through the recording process, making sure that your performance stands out, and your personality comes through. Some editing may take place during this time to ensure the highest level of continuity.

Demo Post-Production (unsupervised)

Average turnaround time is two weeks after recording session

  • Music is selected and added to your voice-over take
  • Sound effects added to create “real” spots
  • Final mixing of segments
  • Sequencing and mastering of your demo(s)
  • You will receive:

       – Two CDs for mastering/duplication/archiving

       – An mp3 of each demo for uploading and emailing

Why choose Roy Yokelson?

Roy Yokelson has been serving the voice-over community for over three decades as director/producer/engineer of countless commercial, documentary, and corporate recording sessions at numerous high-profile New York City studios. Working directly with major advertisers and their agencies (including Ogilvy & Mather; J. Walter Thompson; Saatchi & Saatchi; BBDO; Needham, Harper & Steers; Leo Burnett; Grey Advertising; Chiat Day; and Young & Rubicam) Roy has gotten the best performances from hundreds of successful voice talent.

When you choose Roy as your voice-over instructor, you can rest assured that he genuinely cares about helping voice-over artists in every stage of their careers; to improve, keep up with the ever changing world of voice-overs and audio production, and produce winning voice-over demos that showcase YOUR voice-over personality, letting you shine through. Never “cookie-cutter,” always fresh and current, never over-produced or relying on processing tricks – just the most tasteful production choices to supplement, not overshadow, your voice.


Roy B. Yokelson

Voice-Over Coach,

Sound Designer,

Recording Engineer,
Producer, Director

(917) 642-9999

(973) 338-7338


Skype: antland_productions